Anatomy of Drawing
What is a drawing? This question keeps surprising me…
To the very BONE.
Motively I´ve worked intensively with the so called “cactus head” as a metaphor for the human state of mind.
A collective picture reflecting our present place in space and time.
Somehow I see my work as graphic studies of anthropology and civilization criticism.
I´ve made series of drawings of car crash and regional stories from as different places as Münich, Balkan, Japan and latest Africa.
When I do art it´s all ways political in a sense – but when it comes to the end of the day, after the (un)happy clapping and angry dancing, it´s indeed very much about how the sum of black lines meets the paper. When I find the drawing disturbing, intense and even chaotic, I know I´m on the track. To let the drawing evolve into other medias as artist books, Zines, posters, graphic, animations, wallpaintings or installations seems to be a natural extension of my praxis.