Curriculum Vitae

Daniel Milan
Born 1978
Lives and works in Copenhagen

Educational background:
Master’s of Fine Art from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Akademie der Bildenden Künste München.

2000 – 2006:
The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts,
Professor Peter Bonde and Professor Erik Steffensen
Copenhagen, Denmark
2004 – 2005:
Akademie der Bildenden Künste München,
Professor Markus Oehlen
München, Germany.

Solo Shows
2015            Cop Cop Canoe, Marie Kirkegaard Gallery, Copenhagen
2013            THE CROWS AT ISAR, SOD Gallery, Copenhagen
2012            NEW WORKS + tribute and memorial room, Danske Grafikere, Copenhagen
2012            UNSNAKE ME, Galleri Claus Christensen, Copenhagen
2010            ARISE SHINE FALL, TTC Gallery, Copenhagen
2010            MY FEET IS NOT YOUR RESTAURANT, Gallery Stephanie Bender, Munich, Germany.
2008            ITEMS OF HIGH STYLE AND PRESTIGE, DUNK!, Copenhagen
2008            DON´T CURSE MY MISFORTUNE, Wandergalerie, Munich, Germany.

Group Shows (selected)  2005-2015
2014 Coming from, Overgaden. DK
2014 Lige i Skabet / artist Books, Svends Bibliotek, Nivaagaards Malerisamling
2014 Norske Grafikere, Oslo
2014 Ung Dansk Tegnekunst, Gladsaxe Hovedbibliotek
2014 Ordbilled – Billedord, Nordatlantens Brygge. DK
2013 ZEIGEN with Karin Sander. Nikolaj Kunsthal
2013 VAR FORBI, TTC. Kunsthal Charlottenborg
2013 BEERS, Byens Kro. DK
2012 Myndaódnin 2012, Steinprent. Faroe Islands
2012 COOL COMICS, Gl.Holtegaard. DK
2012 ApArt, Hotel Kong Arthur. Copenhagen
2012 One night in Wonderland – Wonderland. Copenhagen
2012 ZwischenZone – Galerie Stephanie Bender – Munich, Germany
2012 ART COPENHAGEN – SOD Gallery. Copenhagen
2012 SOD Group Show – SOD Gallery. Copenhagen
2012 Non-Shop-Records – ALT_CPH 2012, Copenhagen
2012 Exotica Tremens, Det Blå Hus, Bornholm. Denmark
2012 Art Herning, SOD Gallery. denmark
2011 Kunstwochenende, Galerie Zink, Munich. Germany
2011 VES, Vesterbro Showroom, Selected works. Denmark
2011 Beaver Projects 3rd Party. Denmark
2011 10th Biennale ”Koenigsberg‐Kaliningrad”exhibition of art prints. Kaliningrad. Russia
2011 Beers. Byens Kro. Denmark
2011 ”Return to sender” Danske Grafikere Medlemsudstilling. Denmark
2010 KLUB ZEDAMATOR in Øksnehallen, Copenhagen Jazz Festival. Denmark
2010 DUNK!/GO WEST, Galleri Kant, Esbjerg. Denmark
2010 Last Temptation, Co-Lab, Denmark
2009 TUTTI NIGHT MARE, Wandergalerie, Munich, Germany
2009 ZEDAMATOR goes doom burger!, Co-Lab, Copenhagen
2009 S.A.S.#4 Ting, man ikke maa lege med, Smittekilde Group Show, Copenhagen
2009 DUNK! Over The Bridge, Cirkulationscentralen Malmö, Sweden
2009 Exhibition Paintspace VII, Rundetårn, Copenhagen
2009 LE RAGOUT NOIR, Gallery Claus Christensen, Copenhagen
2009 100 dänishe Grafiken, Grafik Museum Stiftung Schreiner, Bad Steben, Germany
2008 Jul på Byens, Byens Kro, Copenhagen
2008 BEERS, Byens Kro, Co-Lab, Copenhagen
2008 Through the Looking Glass, +44 141 Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland
2008 NORDIC DRAWINGS, Rackstadmuseet, Sweden
2008 NORDIC DRAWINGS, Skellefteå Konsthall, Sweden
2008 Repressive Tolerance 4 Ever?, Backyard Gallery, Copenhagen
2007 alt_cph, DUNK! Copenhagen Alternative Art Fair, Copenhagen
2007 Art Forum Berlin, Gallery Mikael Andersen, Berlin, Germany
2007 MATCH RACE, Museum of Modern Art, Aalborg, DK
2007 SALON#1 Dansk Kunst NU!, Lauritz Kunsthal, Copenhagen
2007 Baby you can drive my car, Marienlyst Slot, Elsinore, DK
2007 Bling, Gallery Mikael Andersen, Copenhagen
2007 Zine Soup, Telefon Til Chefen, Copenhagen
2007 THE SWORD OF EVENSEN, Esplanaden 3, Copenhagen
2007 HATE TRAILER, Art Rebels, Copenhagen
2007 SUPERMARKET, Art Fair Stockholm, DUNK!, Stockholm, Sweden
2006 HANDMADE, Telefon Til Chefen, Copenhagen
2006 SIDESHOW2, Gallery Signe Vad, Copenhagen
2006 Art Fair Cologne, Wandergalerie, Cologne, Gemany
2006 alt_cph, DUNK!, Copenhagen Alternative Art Fair, Copenhagen
2006 Det Danske Kulturinstitut Bruxelles, Belgium
2006 Kunstverein Schloss Plön, Plön, Germany
2006 DUNK!, Durup, DK
2006 EXIT 06, Gammel Strand, Copenhagen
2006 Squelette de l’esprit, Gallery Mikael Andersen, Copenhagen
2006 Selvsving, The Showroom, Kulturfabrikken, Copenhagen
2006 PATIENT ZERO, The Showroom, Kulturfabrikken, Copenhagen
2006 SUPER DRAW 1, DUNK!, Copenhagen
2005 Selvsving, Den Frie, Copenhagen
2005 Die Schwarzen Tropen, Bravo, Düsseldorf, Gemany
2005 dipmaster 1, Wandergalerie, Munich, Gemany
2005 Haystack Mindwarp, Argot exhibition, Copenhagen
2005 Klub Selvsving, Den Frie, Copenhagen

Other Professional Activities and Memberships:

Director and Founder of MILAN VERLAG, an independent art press.
Co Editor of Smittekilde Press. Smittekilde Press was an independent art printing studio based in Copenhagen. Besides art books, the legendary zine and poster production, Smittekilde was organising and curating large scale exhibitions and concerts. S.A.S (Smittekilde Art Space) curated 4 exhibitions in 2009. Smittekilde Press had an ekstensive international network with various artist from Europe to Japan.
Member of the Danish art group Zedamator. Zedamator concist of Thorgej Steen Hansen, Michael Boelt Fischer, Zven Balslev and myself. Zedamator made a large public decoration at Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen in 2008. See selected group shows for all activities. 
Member of the Danish art group Selvsving. Selvsving is an social art collective with more than 20 members and a stream of guest artists and musicians. See selected group shows for all activities.
Member of the Executive Board the Danish Graphic Artist Association. As board members Rasmus Danøe and I launched a new exhibition concept: Artist VS Artist – which updated the association’s exhibition profile dramatically.
Member of the Danish Graphic Artist Association

Art books and zines (selected)
2012            LET ME MARRY U, MILAN VERLAG
2011             Daniel Milan, BIG DEAD THING (UK) / MILAN VERLAG
2009            BUFFET SLAP. Daniel Milan in collaboration with Smittekilde Press
2009            LE RAGOUT NOIR. Smittekilde Press
2008            CAPITALISM IS TERROR. Daniel Milan in collaboration with Smittekilde Press
2008            HUMAN DINOSAUR SPAM. Daniel Milan
2008            Elina Merenmies – selected works 2004 – 2007. Daniel Milan in collaboration with Smittekilde
2007            The Sword of Evensen. Smittekilde Press
2006            HELLOPEN. Daniel Milan in collaboration with Smittekilde Press
2005            München Schlager. Daniel Milan, Smittekilde Press and Schäfer Grafisk Værksted
2004            Two Headed Nature. Smittekilde Press and Schäfer Grafisk Værksted
2003            ALLIS IN HELLELAND. Daniel Milan in collaboration with Smittekilde Press
2002            Kaktusch – And Others. Daniel Milan in collaboration with Smittekilde Press
2001-2010            Smittekilde # 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. Smittekilde Press

Professional Teaching Experience

2013Funen Art Academy. Denmark. Workshop in drawing—
2009-2010Private teaching in Uganda. Drawing and painting. 4 students in total were given lessons on a weekly basis, based on their individual skills and expectations.—
2009The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. “GRU”. A course focusing on drawing, poster and zine production, resulting in an exhibition and a collective zine.
2008- 2016Holbæk Kunsthøjskole. Denmark. Long and short term courses in art, drawing, book/zine production, graphics and painting. Art history, examples of contemporary art as well as presentation of own works and excursions to relevant exhibitions was used as inspiration for the combination of free and fixed assignments. Studio visits. All courses ended with an exhibition, critique and evaluation.—
2008Krabbesholm. Denmark. ”Artists & Designers, Past and Present”, in collaboration with Zven Balslev. A workshop mixing art and design in the production of artist books. Participation by both art and design students. Studio visits. In the end there was a presentation, critique with participation of other teachers and evaluation.—
2008Skolen ved Skoven, Denmark. School for disabled children. Workshop in drawing and painting in collaboration with Thorgej Steen Hansen and Thorbjørn S. Andersen. Each day had its own theme: “love”, “horror”, “sport”, “friends” etc. The workshop was documented by a video.
2006-ongoing  Supervising assistants and trainees.